Seasonless essentials. Each garment has been designed with a focus on the perfect fit and carefully crafted from high quality fabrics in neutral shades of black, beige and cream. The designs can be worn and loved at any time and place, as a head-to-toe monochrome look or as a mix and match depending on the style.

Liapure Iconic Rib Turtleneck €165,00
Liapure Cropped Pants €265,00
Liapure Pull on Pants €290,00
Essential Rib Knit Top - Beige/Creme €225,00
Essential Rib Knit - Beige/Creme €285,00
Liapure Iconic Longsleeve €145,00
Liapure Rib Skirt €195,00
Essential Knit Blazer - Creme White €450,00
Essential Rib Knit Top - Creme €225,00
Essential Knit Pants - Creme White €310,00
Liapure Rib Tank €120,00
Liapure Rib Longsleeve - white €160,00
Liapure Rib Turtleneck Tank €130,00
Liapure Rib Top €130,00
Liapure Rib Cardigan - beige €185,00
Liapure Silk Top €180,00
Liapure Crewneck Rib Tee €135,00
Liapure Iconic Crewneck Rib Tee €130,00