Trans-seasonal Essentials. Each piece is designed to achieve the perfect fit and is crafted with care from high-quality fabrics in neutral hues such as black, beige and white (raw white). These pieces are meant to be worn and loved any time, anywhere, as a head-to-toe monochrome look, or mixed and matched depending on your style - Liapure

Liapure Atelier Flower Dress Winter Edition €480,00
Liapure Atelier Flower Slipover €280,00
Liapure Atelier Backless Flower Blouse - RTW €720,00
Liapure Atelier Wool Pants - White €320,00
Liapure Atelier Organza Flower Blouse €350,00
Liapure Atelier Wool Pants - Black €320,00
Liapure Atelier Flower Blouse €330,00