Capolavoro x Liapure

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Capolavoro x Liapure

Trillion Times - A timeless classic that will last forever. With its three gold alloys, our Trillion Times ring not only skilfully picks up on the Liapure concept, but also unites to form an essential jewellery piece that never goes out of fashion.

A piece of jewellery that adds an essential piece to the glittering world of the family-owned Capolavoro company and rounds off the collection of the established jewellery label. All pieces are forged by hand locally on the Ammersee and made to order exclusively for you.

Look forward to a design that always fits, regardless of the season. Maximum combinability allows for endless variations and combines the history, mission and craftsmanship of two companies and carries their values to the outside world.


  • 750 carat gold tricolour: yellow, rose and white gold.
  • Three gold alloys: You can choose whether you want the yellow gold or white gold bar placed on top
  • Handmade at Ammersee
  • Delivery time: 2 weeks (within Germany)