Liapure Design Studio consists of two Lines

Liapure is our collection of trans-seasonal essentials. Each piece is designed to achieve the perfect fit and is crafted with care from high-quality fabrics in neutral hues including black, beige and cream (raw white). These pieces are meant to be worn and loved any time, anywhere, as a head-to-toe monochrome look, or mixed and matched depending on your style.

Liapure Atelier is our seasonal Collection. It releases twice a year in a limited edition. These high-fashion pieces vary from season to season, while the quality remains to be held to Liapure Design Studio’s standards. Each piece is be delicately hand-stitched in Bavaria and only available in limited quantities.

Liapure Rib Tank $133.24
Liapure Rib Longsleeve - white $177.65
Liapure Pull on Pants $321.99
Essential Knit Pants - Creme White $344.19
Liapure Rib Top $144.34
Liapure Rib Skirt $244.27
Essential Knit Belt - creme $27.76
Liapure Essential Blouse $216.51
Essential Knit Cardigan - Creme $427.47
Essential Knit - Creme White $388.61
Liapure Rib Turtleneck Tank $144.34
Liapure Cropped Pants $294.23
Liapure Atelier Silk Sheer Flower Blouse $532.94
Liapure Atelier Backless Flower Blouse - black $960.41
Liapure Iconic Longsleeve $177.65
Liapure Iconic Rib Turtleneck $199.85
Liapure Atelier Flower Blouse $466.33