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Liapure’s mission to change the way we think about shopping goes beyond the environmental and humanitarian effects the fashion industry has on our world. Once you’ve been convinced of all the reasons whyyou should invest in timeless essentials, it’s time to address what exactly that means.

Certain wardrobe investments are meant to highlight our personal style, while others serve a more practical purpose. Basics are the building blocks of our outfits, and while they may not have us swooning in the same way a flashy pair of heels or expensive handbag might, they are definitely the pieces we reach for the most. If you break that down into price per wear, the essentials promise you more bang for your buck. That rule, however, only applies when your money is spent in the right place. We’ve all bought a cheap €2 white t-shirt that discolored after 3 wears, so we tossed it because it never fit right anyways, and the fabric was a little scratchy. Justifying the larger price tag for quality essentials is no easy feat when it doesn’t spark immediate joy, which is why Liapure focuses on helping you feel the same way about your basics as you do your other fashion favorites.

For most of us, the items we reach for the most include a white or black t-shirt, our favorite cozy sweater and a pair of perfect-fitting pants. We grab those pieces again and again because they are easy to style and we feel great wearing them. Take Liapure’s Crewneck Longsleeve or Crewneck Tee for example – you can style these under blazers or dresses, layer them underneath sweaters, or wear them alone alike. Pair yours with the color-coordinating Cropped Pants and you have a chic monochrome look that gives you a polished appeal without any of the fuss.

Liapure’s designs have something for anyone and everyone. The coordinating Silk Top and Silk Skirt will take you from the boardroom to the bar with ease, while the knitwear will keep you warm and cozy on chilly days. Try the Essential Knit and Essential Knit Pants in the same hue when you don’t want to compromise comfort for style. The options are endless when it comes to mixing and matching Liapure’s wardrobe must-haves, and we hope that the process brings you as much joy as it does us.

As much as we believe in filling up our closet with Liapure’s everyday essentials, we also know that statement pieces are just as important. Liapure Atelier is focused on swoon-worthy limited-edition pieces that promise to make heads turn for years to come. Each item is handmade in Germany and is designed to work together with all your Liapure favorites. With a new collection released twice a year, we hope to never let your fashion fire fade.

Fashion is a reflection of who we are, including both what you wear and where you shop. Make a difference in both your life and the lives of others by shopping consciously.

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Written by Audrey Dierauf for Liapure Design Studio

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