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Shopping sustainably is more than just the latest trend and marketing strategy – it is a way of life we must adopt in order to reverse the damage we’ve done, both to the environment and to people’s livelihood. Small changes in the way we shop can make an everlasting change on the health and happiness of everyone – including you.

The fashion industry is one of the world’s leading pollutants, responsible for nearly 20 percent of global wastewater and approximately 10 percent of global carbon emissions. The greenhouse gases emitted contribute massively and actively to global warming, and currently pose a larger threat than the emissions caused by all international flights and maritime shipping combined. While global fashion consumption more than doubled between 2005 and 2019, €160 million worth of what we consume ends up in landfills every year. The environmental impact the fashion industry is having on our planet can no longer be ignored. By adopting a more sustainable approach to how we produce and promote fashion, we can reduce our carbon footprint and promote more ethical choices.

The damage this industry has done is not only to the earth, but to the people who inhabit it, as well. Fashion is being produced in masses and sold to us at cheap prices at the expense of paying people low salaries and offering inhumane working conditions in developing countries. Additionally, fast fashion items often undergo a long and intense chemical process, using around 8,000 different synthetic chemicals to dye, bleach and wet fabrics, often leading to disease and deaths among the exposed workers. Not only is this dangerous to the people handling the harmful chemicals, but to the consumers who purchase and wear the clothing, too, since our skin absorbs anything we put on it. Shopping from a sustainable brand ensures that every worker from the farmer who grows the crop that is turned into our fabrics, to the manufacturer, designer and retail associate have all received fair wages for their labor.

Understandably, offering a well-deserved compensation to every worker means that the price of production increases compared to when it’s not, which is ultimately reflected in the retail price. But while the price tag may be larger, the difference is not only behind the scenes – the quality of the products you receive from a sustainable brand can be felt to the touch. Have you ever taste-tested a €2 bottle of wine versus one that costs €20? The difference is, in most cases, hard to miss. But while a more expensive bottle of wine will be consumed in the same amount of time as the cheaper one, that same rule does not apply when it comes to fashion. When you pay for high-quality fashion items, they can last you five, ten, sometimes twenty times longer than the cheaper alternatives. Think about what that means for your cost per wear. If you pay €10 for a shirt that is ruined after two runs through the wash, you’ve payed €5 per wear. Compare that to a shirt you spend €100 on but can wear for years on end with the right care – assuming, of course, you still want to wear it.

Too often we splurge on items we wear once, like a sparkly NYE dress, while our everyday basics aren’t given much thought. That is why Liapure focuses on timeless wardrobe staples that you will be sure to reach for time and time again. It is these basic essentials we wear the most but tend to spend the least on. Good essentials are the foundation of every wardrobe, which is why this is where we should place the most value on quality and embrace the investment.

It is time to realize the impact of our buying decisions, taking responsibility for the environmental and humanitarian consequences that will affect the future of our planet. At the end of the day, we can choose to be part of the problem or part of the solution. Join us in working towards a brighter future for fashion and for the world.

Shop consciously. Make a difference.

Written by Audrey Dierauf for Liapure Design Studio

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